There are many fallacies about the music industry that have been repeated so often, many people, musicians included, regard them as immutable facts. Some of these are particularly harmful to the industry and can impede the progress of musicians' careers.

Here are some popular Myths that need debunking
All musicians are wanting to tour the world and become superstars
Usually, in any discussion involving the music industry, the tendency is for the assumption to be made that all musicians are following the same path. Learn their instrument, start a band, start performing live, write songs, build an audience, make recordings for sale, tour and sell recordings nationally, tour and sell recordings globally, become internationally famous and wealthy.


Most musicians would be happy if they could work four or five nights a week and be paid enough that they could earn somewhere close to the average Australian wage (roughly $70-80,000 per year) so that they could buy a house, start a family or do any of the other things that normal people like to do with their salary. Good performances take planning, practice, money and time to prepare. When musicians need to take on other work to support and finance their music careers this impacts on the performances and development of their skills. Ironically, if the industry focused on the goal of improving the ability of musicians to earn a reasonable income from their work, it would be more likely that more musicians would be able to create better art, opportunities and the types of success most people believe is the goal of every musician.
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