Touring Artist Temporary Activity Visa

Visa Applicants

Non-resident Musicians intending to perform in Australia must apply for a Temporary Activity Visa (sub class 408) from the Department of Home Affairs – immigration and citizenship. Details of this process and the application are available from the Department’s website.


Union Consultation

It is a requirement of the application process that applicants are able to demonstrate that Australian employment standards are being met and that a “net employment benefit to the Australian entertainment industry” will result from any work performed. Applicants are required to consult with the Musicians’ Union where we will check these requirements and, if satisfactory, endorse the application to the Department.


What We Need

In order to gain Union approval you will be required to provide details regarding the amount of remuneration being paid to the applicant Musician/s, their travel and accommodation expenses, dates for all performances, venues where those performances will take place, the length of each performance, and details of the net employment benefit to the Australian entertainment industry.

Once the information has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a letter of endorsement from the Union which will need to be uploaded as part of, and in order to complete, your online visa application with the Department of Home Affairs.


Our Fee

The Musicians’ Union charges an admin fee of $132.00 per application. You will be able to pay this fee via online bank transfer once your consultation is complete.


To Begin Your Consultation

Please send your details to the Union’s Imports Officer, E:


Please Note

The Musicians Union of Australia only provides endorsements for musicians. Any non-resident technical/admin staff also engaged as part of a tour will need to gain approval through the MEAA as they are the relevant Union for such employees in Australia.