Members' Reports

Financial Report for the year ended June 2018 

Members can download the Financial Report for the financial year ended June 2018 from here.

*Please note that the financial report has been amended (17 April 2019) at the request of the Registered Organisations Commission in order to account for membership fee income on an accruals basis.

Officers and Related Parties Disclosures Statements 2018

Federal Office ORPDS 2018

Adelaide Branch ORPDS 2018

Brisbane Branch ORPDS 2018

Hobart Branch ORPDS 2018

Melbourne Branch ORPDS 2018

Sydney Branch ORPDS 2018

2018 Elections of Branch Committees and Officers and Federal Officers of the Union

Members are advised that the election of officers, committee members and trustees for the Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Sydney Branches of the Union and the Federal Officers of the Union have concluded. The official reports from the Australian Electoral Commission are now available. If you would like to request a copy of your Branch’s AEC report or the Federal Officers report please email